duratherm heat transfer fluids

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer takes place through conduction, convection and radiation. This easy-to-use series of calculators will quickly let you calculate basic heat transfer rates as well as rates for both conduction and convection. Calculate free convection by entering surface area, heat transfer coefficient and surface and fluid temperatures. For conductive heat transfer calculations, simply input your thermal conductivity data as well as surface area, temperature differentials, and thickness of materials. Basic heat transfer can also be calculated using specific heat, mass and temperature differentials.

Basic Heat Transfer

Mass (kg)
Specific heat (kJ/kg·K)
Temperature #1 (K or °C)
Temperature #2 (K or °C)
Heat Transfer (J)

Conduction Heat Transfer

Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)
Cross Sectional Area (m²)
Temperature #1 - Hot Side (°C)
Temperature #2 - Cold Side (°C)
Time Taken (seconds)
Thickness of Material (m)
Heat Transfer (J)

Natural or Free Convection

Surface Area of Heat Transfer (m²)
Convective heat transfer coefficient (W/m²·K) or (W/m²·C°)
Bulk Fluid Temperature (K or °C)
Surface Temperature (K or °C)
Heat Transfer per unit time (W)