duratherm heat transfer fluids

Can't find a compatible fluid?

Duratherm Heat Transfer Fluids

If you're faced with finding an obscure fluid that came 'factory filled' in a piece of equipment, your fluid's been discontinued or you're simply looking for something better or perhaps more economical, sourcing a compatible fluid can be difficult and confusing.

We're here to help! Contact us for assistance in selecting a fluid. There's a very good chance that one of our fluids will meet your needs for performance and compatibility.

Duratherm 600/630

Compatible with most petroleum (mineral oil) based fluids. Also a good replacement for and compatible with chemical aromatic fluids.


Duratherm G

Based on and compatible with high temperature glycol fluids. Special additives also make it compatible with petroleum fluids such as Duratherm 600.


Duratherm S

Compatible with silicone-based fluids.