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System Cleaners: Which one is right for you?

Ideally you never need to clean your heat transfer system but should that time come it’s good to know you have options.More

A wealth of experience and proven results. That's the Duratherm Advantage.

Since 1977 our goal has been to strive for constant innovation and improvement. Through years of ongoing R&D we are proud to offer the industry's most expansive line of heat transfer fluids (also called hot oils, thermic oils or thermal fluids) as well as system cleaners. All of our products utilize our groundbreaking additive technology which has allowed us to create the industry's longest-lasting and cleanest-running line of heat transfer fluids.

Our line of thermal fluids effectively covers temperatures from -120F to 650F and have been used in the manufacturing of things like plastics, pharmaceuticals, asphalt, chemicals, resins and even foods (with our full line of food grade thermal fluids). Our products have also been used in a variety of equipment such as mixers, distillation units, fluid evaporators, hot tanks, extruders, dies, molds, platens, laminators and calendar rolls as well as dryers, heat exchangers and even solar panels, to name a few. So if you need to heat or cool your process Duratherm likely has the right solution!

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