duratherm heat transfer fluids

Our fluids outlast all others...even ones costing many times more!

Our exclusive additive system delivers unparalleled protection and service life. This report shows Duratherm's superior resistance to oxidation, the main cause of sludge buildup and fluid degradation.

About the Test

We chose 6 competing products, ranging from low-budget hot oils to some of the more expensive premium fluids from Exxon Mobil Corporation®, Dow Chemical Company®, Paratherm Corporation®, Petro-Canada Inc®, Momar® and Multitherm LLC®.

About the Method

IP48 is an International Petroleum test standard in which 40ml of fluid is exposed to 204°C (400°F) with 15L/h of air blown through the samples for 24 hours. This accelerates a fluid's aging process and shows a fluid's resistance to oxidation.

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Fluids Tested

Calflo AF® - lot #044945 Duratherm G - lot #058448Duratherm 600 - lot #058689 Mobiltherm 603® - lot #M19K9A3 Multitherm OG1® - lot#03/3318/115999 Paratherm OR® - lot # CN4060031-L12 Paratherm NF® - lot #CN4000042-B02 Ucon 500® - lot # 335073 #058689