Did you know there are many options to consider when selecting thermal fluids?

  1. Temperature is Everything – match your bulk temperature but also consider film temperature, heater type
  2. Controlling Oxidation – high temperature air exposure can destroy the wrong fluid quickly
  3. Maximizing Fluid Life – short-term or long-term use – invest wisely
  4. Availability is Critical – thermal fluids are often critical to production – how long can you wait for your thermal fluid to ship?
  5. Reliable Service & Support – thermal fluids are maintenance-intensive, but can your vendor help you if there are problem

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Over the years, we’ve received many notes and letters from our great customers. Here’s a sampling of the things they’ve shared.

“I not only gathered information on your products, but also the products of others. You educated me and provided test results to show the differences. We have had the Duratherm 600 in our tanks for almost a year now, and it is working great.Your free testing of the fluid just helps to show that you are committed to your customers and to making sure they have something that lasts and works to their satisfaction.”

K. Rose - President, Ocean Bay Candle Company

I am very happy with the way your Duratherm 600 fluid has performed for us on a day-to-day basis. As you also are aware, I tried your Duraclean and Carb-off products. These performed exceptionally well for us and did exactly what your team said they would do.”

S. Poletto - Maintenance Manager, leading bottle and packaging company

Duratherm 600 holds up well, even in high temperature processing of all plastics that we use. Duratherm continues to work to improve its product line and delivers excellent service with good dependable products.”

D. Skaggs - Maintenance Manager, Crane Plastics

“We have been using it (Duratherm) in our oil jacketed extruder as a heat transfer fluid for over a year now with no problems. We generally run between 180° and 190°C and often run for months between shut-downs. The oil still looks as clear as it did when we first put it into use. I am very pleased with the product and would buy it again if it ever wears out, but that might be a while!”

J. Thomas - Director of Metal Injection Molding, Continuous Metal Technology

We were thoroughly impressed. The system was spotless, with all of the hard buildup completely removed in 6 hours to a degree that we thought was unattainable without sending units out to be tank cleaned. We then filled the unit with Duratherm and haven't had a single issue with this unit since.”

M. Fransiscovich - Maintenance American Pipe and Plastics

The difference from the old Calflo heat transfer fluid and the Duratherm 600 product was amazing. After an entire year of running Duratherm 600, the sludge buildup was minimal compared to Calflo after only 6 months. The performance of the Duratherm product was working so well at our plant. ... I called the other plants and told them of the performance of the Duratherm. They are looking into switching over to Duratherm.”

J. Gerbec - Maintenance Manager, Cantex Inc.

“We used to use Paratherm in all of our oil units, but it had a tendency to sludge up after a short number of hours. Duratherm does not sludge up at all. We first switched to Duratherm because of cost, not realizing that it was going to be a better product. We are very happy with the product and the pricing.”

Bill Corbett

“We have been experimenting with all avenues to solve the problem for two months with no positive results. After talking to you about adding the DuraClean LSC to the oil that we were using, in only two weeks, we noticed the hard pieces of burnt oil (coke) had liquefied, and we were able to clean the lines out with just air pressure. Our system is as clean as a new unit. We were on the verge of purchasing a complete new unit, on which we could have spent more than $20,000.00. Instead, with your suggestions and your product, our old unit has many more useful hours.

E. Disanto - Facilities Supervisor, AAR Composites

“Our previous system was freezing up and the low temp capability of the Duratherm XLT-120 is exactly what we needed!

Luke Colby - Rocket Propulsion Engineer

The fluid is working better than expected. We are now shut down because of a pump seal leak, but the cleanup was much easier than with any other fluid that we have used over the past 40 years.”

Dick Livingston - Maintenance Manager, Nammo Talley Inc.

You were able to make exactly what we were looking for. We now have a food grade silicone oil that works well in our calibration oil baths. I thank you again for your service. You have a product that I have not been able to find, until your technicians specifically made it for us.”

Josh McCastle - Instrument Technician, CCST

“The Duratherm fluid is working great! I’ve even recommended it to the equipment manufacturer for their other customers.”

Ed Slack - Superior Cabinets

Duratherm is the best heat transfer fluid we've ever used.”

Larry Daniels

Duratherm G is working very well! The heat transfer works a lot better than any of the other fluids we have tried, and the odor is reduced significantly. Thank you for your good service.”

Lars Hvalby - Quality Assurance Engineer

“We’ve been using Duratherm G in our application with nothing but praise! So far we have not seen any of the issues we have encountered in the past!”

Steve Shipman

DuraClean Ultra System Cleaner really saved the day! We thought we were going to have to disassemble our rotary dryer and open it up to remove the clog. But after cycling DuraClean Ultra through the unit for 48 hours, the clog broke free, and the carbon build-up was dissolved.”

Walter J. Getzinger - Injection Molding Supervisor, Plastic Technologies, Inc.

DuraClean Ultra worked great to clean our Budzar system. We get better heat transfer and the unit makes less noise.”

Chad Shumway - OMNOVA Solutions

We have used the Duraclean Ultra and it worked great - pulled out all the sludge and cleaned the system.”

Steve Overby - VP Operations, Evans Adhesive Corporation, Ltd.

“We ran the DuraClean Ultra through our Mokon unit and we were all impressed by the cleaning effectiveness - fantastic product! We also wanted to mention how helpful your team has been during all of this and especially in helping to determine the right products for our application – thanks again!”

David Infanger, Ph.D. - Technical Director, Silk Technologies, Ltd.

Since we changed over to the Duratherm, I've had zero pump and valve failures in more than a year and a half. The heat exchangers aren't clogging as they did with Calflo, and the sediment in the tank is minimal. We used to have to roto-rooter the heater zones due to clogging, this hasn't been a problem since we switched. Actually, the heat transfer appears to be the best it's ever been.”

R. Barnett - Maintenance Manager, Nursery Supplies Inc.

Duratherm 600 was one of the best moves we made. Working great!”

Neil McDivitt - Champion Target Company

Duratherm 600 is the best fluid we’ve ever used! It’s lasted 3 times longer than our previous fluid and it still looked good when we changed it.”

John Wanninger - Gist Silversmith

“We switched our extruders to Duratherm HF to improve safety by using a fluid with a higher flashpoint. According to our data Duratherm HF is performing really well and is significantly out performing Mobiltherm and Diamond Class when staying close to temperature set point. We are very happy with how this fluid is performing”

Gerardo (Alex) Flores

We now have both hot oil systems turned over to the Duratherm 600. Love that oil - no more Phillips 66 Heat Transfer oil allowed on site!”

Gary Stark - Maintenance Supervisor, Aviation & Transportation, Isovolta Inc.

Duratherm is always beyond organized and extremely nice to deal with!”

Viktoriya Muradova - MVA Stratford

The heat transfer fluid is working great. I do appreciate the time you took to help me. I've used other fluids in the past but this fluid is far superior. Thank you!”

Robert Clendineng - Century Calibrating Company

“We have been using Duratherm HF very successfully in conducting our high-temperature tests, and it has been performing remarkably well. The fluid properties are very stable and can retain/transfer heat and temperature steadily.”

Raghu Kamath - Senior Engineer, Schlumberger

“Since the switch to Duratherm (from Ucon 500), we have increased the time between oil changes and nearly eliminated any issues. The price of Duratherm (thermal fluid) is not only less expensive by the drum, but the longer life saves money in the long run. I would recommend it to anyone using Ucon 500.”

J. Smith - Maintenance Manager, Azek Building Products

“We have been using Duratherm in our hot oil systems since 2003. Since then, our oxidation problems have disappeared and we have had no issues of any kind with these fluids. You manufacture products that perform exactly as advertised, which is not always the case in the marketplace.”

H. Blair - Maintenance Coordinator, Saint-Gobain Crystals and Detectors

This stuff (Duratherm 600) is pretty amazing. It is so much easier to manage the flow, and it provides excellent heat transfer characteristics. There have been no signs of oxidation ... this will definitely be my go-to fluid for future projects.”

Ryan Seward - Thermal Fluid Sciences Oregon State University

The difference is clear – literally! We have had one of the baths in use for approximately 3 months, and the fluid is still clean and clear. Yet another bonus was that the pricing was below comparable heat transfer fluids. I would certainly recommend Duratherm G to anyone in need of a reliable heat transfer fluid.”

S. Bailey Sr. - Lab Technician, Parker Hannifin Corporation

“The guys commented on how great Duratherm LT is to work with, no bad odor, non-toxic, easy to pump. They "love it" in comparison to other fluids they’ve worked with before!

Jon Chapman - Organex

Duratherm G is working great. In fact you could put yourself out of business. We have had no issues whatsoever with the Duratherm G versus the old oil we were using. I would highly recommend this product over any other heat transfer fluid.”

J. Cowger Jr. - Adell Plastics

Our experience with Duratherm HF has been fantastic – from the performance of the fluid to the quality of the service.”

Steve Pyper - Geological Technologist, Trican Geological Solutions