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Heat Transfer Fluids for Every Application

  • Durable heat transfer fluids that perform as advertised
  • Temperature ranges from -120°F to +640°F
  • Replacements for most competitive fluids
  • Suitability in almost all equipment

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  • 365-day tech support
  • Free fluid analysis
  • Hassle-free answers to your questions
  • Orders normally ship within 24 hours
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Selection Tips
  1. Choose the range that contains your maximum operating temperature.
  2. If you run production at multiple* temperatures, refer to the optimal range listed with each fluid.
  3. *Note: No need to account for your start-up temperature - all fluids are engineered to circulate at typical ambient temperatures.

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The truth about heat transfer fluids...

Let's face it: Choosing a heat transfer fluid (also called thermal fluid) can be difficult decision. What makes one better than the other? Why do some last longer? How do I know which one is best for my application?

The truth is, all of these fluids are a lot alike. If specified properly, they all transfer heat efficiently — ours just tend to last longer. We could give you all the technical jargon in the world to help explain why, but the point is we've engineered some great thermal fluid technology and we're proud of it. Our customers seem to like it too.

Here's what you really need to know: No matter what the application is, we have a fluid for it. And no matter how confusing the choices may seem, we're standing by, ready to put it all into plain English for you.

Heat transfer fluids are all we ever think about. Why not drop us a line and let us know how we can help?

Confused? We can help...

We spend every day developing heat transfer fluids and helping the people that use them. We’ll be the first to admit that the terminology in our industry is confusing and inconsistent.

The same liquid can be called thermal fluid in an equipment catalog and hot oil in your service manual, and neither way is wrong. Factor in the different temperature ranges, thermal properties, and special features needed for your application, and choosing the best fluid for your equipment can be overwhelming.

Duratherm creates long-lasting thermal fluids for almost all known applications, from hot oil for asphalt terminals to glycol coolants for hospitals. We can even work with you to make your new application a reality; we're happy to talk about your heat transfer requirements while you're still selecting and designing equipment and processes.

At this moment, our customers are getting uncompromising reliability from our high flashpoint fluid in resin plants, oxidation resistant fluids in open lab baths, and food grade heat transfer fluid in food and beverage operations all around the world. We know you don’t just need the right products, you need them at the right time, and in the right place. No matter where you are or what industry you’re in, we are ready to help you keep things running in peak condition and at peak efficiency.

Duratherm also makes heating and cooling thermal oils for batch pharmaceutical processes, fluids with high thermal stability for chemical manufacturing, and low-oxidation heat transfer oil for plastic processing. And while we could keep talking about applications for our products all day, it wouldn’t help you. We’d rather listen to you and learn about your needs: then we can help you choose the thermal fluid that will make your equipment operate perfectly.

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