Heat Transfer Fluid

Heat Transfer Fluids and Thermal Oil Duratherm

Duratherm system cleaners

From preventative-maintenance system cleaners to emergency-downtime system revivers, we have a heat transfer system cleaner that fits your needs and your schedule.

Duraclean Light to moderately fouled systems Show more 100% Yes
(up to 550°F)
DuraClean FG Light to moderately fouled systems with food grade applications Show more 100% Yes
(up to 550°F)
DuraClean Ultra Severely fouled, emergency system reviver Show more 100% No Yes
DuraClean LSC Large Heat Transfer System Cleaner Show more 5-10% Yes
(up to 600°F)
U-Clean Specifically formulated for Glycol systems (Ucon 500®) Show more 100% Yes
(up to 500°F)

Help me choose

"DuraClean Ultra System Cleaner really saved the day!" — Walter J. Getzinger

"We were on the verge of purchasing a complete new unit which we could have spent over $20,000.00. Instead with your suggestions and your product, our old unit has many more useful hours." — E. Disanto

"We were thoroughly impressed with DuraClean Ultra. The system was spotless, and all of the hard build-up was completely removed in only 6 hours." — M. Fransiscovich

"Your DuraClean performed exceptionally well for us and did exactly what your team said it would do." — S. Poleto

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