Custom Fluids: When Off-The-Shelf Won’t Do

Having a hard time finding the right thermal fluid for your application? Having an even harder time finding a company willing to listen and invest the time to help?

At Duratherm we’ll listen, evaluate and then explore all avenues to find the right solution. If there’s an off-the-shelf fluid that fits the bill, we’ll find it. If not, we’ll create a custom fluid specifically for your application.

Case in point: we’re working with a large international company looking for a heat transfer fluid for a rather unique process. After an exhaustive test of 10 fluids from 4 vendors all but one problem was overcome – foaming. Duratherm was the only vendor to come back with a custom solution. After careful evaluation our engineers were able to modify our standard formulation to bring the foaming under control.

Sometimes only a custom fluid works. Duratherm is ready to spend the time with you to find that solution.