Did you know there are many options to consider when selecting thermal fluids?

  1. Temperature is Everything – match your bulk temperature but also consider film temperature, heater type
  2. Controlling Oxidation – high temperature air exposure can destroy the wrong fluid quickly
  3. Maximizing Fluid Life – short-term or long-term use – invest wisely
  4. Availability is Critical – thermal fluids are often critical to production – how long can you wait for your thermal fluid to ship?
  5. Reliable Service & Support – thermal fluids are maintenance-intensive, but can your vendor help you if there are problem

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Duratherm Fluid Analysis: the Best Just Got Better

Duratherm has always offered one of the most thorough fluid analysis in the industry. Now we’ve added some new features that make the service even more useful – and still free of charge.

Our analysis now includes the ability to measure Auto-Ignition Temperature (AIT) and provide Infrared (IR) Scanning of your fluid samples.

AIT basically refers to the temperature that’ll cause a fluid to catch fire without an ignition source. Since the AIT of a heat transfer fluid can change if it’s thermally degraded, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it. I’m sure you’d agree, knowing your fluid’s AIT is good information to help keep your plant safe – you never want to operate below it!

Over the course of most heat transfer equipment’s service life there’s also a good chance that some form of contaminant will enter the system. Our new IR Scanning capability identifies fluid contaminates by scanning for abnormalities and if found, searches a comprehensive database to find a match. So whether it’s by accidental top-up or a process breach, our IR Scanning can help identify what it is and help you pinpoint the source.

As always, we recommend keeping a close eye on your fluid with our free analysis program but now we can service you even further with AIT and IR scanning capabilities.

If you need help setting up a plan for your fluid analysis, talk to us. We’re here to help.

Michael Bates, Technical Director

1-800-446-4910 ext. 111