Did you know there are many options to consider when selecting thermal fluids?

  1. Temperature is Everything – match your bulk temperature but also consider film temperature, heater type
  2. Controlling Oxidation – high temperature air exposure can destroy the wrong fluid quickly
  3. Maximizing Fluid Life – short-term or long-term use – invest wisely
  4. Availability is Critical – thermal fluids are often critical to production – how long can you wait for your thermal fluid to ship?
  5. Reliable Service & Support – thermal fluids are maintenance-intensive, but can your vendor help you if there are problem

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Fluid System Clean-Up Puts Used Equipment Back Online

As a leader in the custom chemical processing and manufacturing industry since 1964, Howard Industries Inc. has serviced a multitude of companies needing “toll” processing and manufacturing services. Howard Industries routinely assists other companies looking to outsource production that involves drying, blending, particle-size reduction, classification, repackaging, and agglomeration, as well as a host of other service activities.

Howard was recently called upon for a time-critical application where their customer needed to dry a highly specialized agricultural material, but lacked the proper drying system, floor space, and expertise to get the job done within the necessary timeframe.

Assessing the scope and timeframe of the job, Howard determined they needed to augment their current drying capabilities with a twin-screw drying system capable of meeting the volume demand of this new project. In order to meet the deadline, Howard knew the used equipment market was their only option.

The unit had been sitting in a warehouse for some time and required a substantial amount of work to get it operational. The largest hurdle was the heat transfer fluid circulation component of the dryer. The previous heat transfer fluid left the system highly carbonized to the point where flow was greatly restricted throughout the system.

Duratherm’s technical support team quickly dispatched a representative to assess the situation and make recommendations on resuscitating the system back into peak performance. After an extensive evaluation, a proposal was made to use DuraClean Ultra to quickly de-carbonize the internals of the system in combination with a final flushing solution to power out all of the loosened particulate.

Once the system was clean, it was determined that Duratherm 600 would be the heat transfer fluid best-suited to handle the heat and stress an open drying system would place on the fluid. If not controlled, these factors could quickly foul the system all over again.

Duratherm quickly put a plan together to expedite delivery of the materials. They also included detailed instructions, technical support and complimentary fluid analysis as part of the package.

Within a matter of days, Howard was able to bring into service a “new” dryer, and to flush and prepare an existing drying system that was also used in this process.

Amazingly, Howard was up and running in less than 4 weeks after the initial customer request for processing service. Their customer was very pleased, particularly since their best estimates for getting a new system of their own in place and operational was 10 to 12 months.

“The primary piece of the puzzle that allowed us to get into position quickly for this customer was finding a heat transfer fluid provider that offered a complete package of service and support that could bring an incapacitated dryer back to life in a matter of days,” said Howard’s Rick Hulse.

“Duratherm offered this service and, as a service provider myself, I am first to appreciate and understand the difference between a company that sells a product and a company that sells a complete solution…quickly! Duratherm’s unique system of products coupled with its intimate level service allowed me to get up and running and to grab a piece of business that was converted into a win for Howard, my customer, and a valued supplier.”