Looking for Trouble? Just Add Water

Have you ever had your pump cavitate or your system simply shut down as you heated it just past 200°F? If so, you most likely found the culprit was water.

Am I right?

Water may sound like a harmless liquid but as it starts to boil that liquid turns to steam and expands by about 1000 times, wreaking havoc on pumps, tripping safety switches and causing a big safety hazard.

Whether it comes from a leaky heat exchanger, accidental contamination or even simple condensation, a few ounces of water is enough to cause you lots of pain.

It’s not as simple to remove as you might think either, so we’ve written a short article on how to deal with water in your heat transfer system we hope will shed some light on this tricky subject.

Check it out – it might just save you a lot of time and trouble.

Michael Bates, Technical Director

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