Did you know there are many options to consider when selecting thermal fluids?

  1. Temperature is Everything – match your bulk temperature but also consider film temperature, heater type
  2. Controlling Oxidation – high temperature air exposure can destroy the wrong fluid quickly
  3. Maximizing Fluid Life – short-term or long-term use – invest wisely
  4. Availability is Critical – thermal fluids are often critical to production – how long can you wait for your thermal fluid to ship?
  5. Reliable Service & Support – thermal fluids are maintenance-intensive, but can your vendor help you if there are problem

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Image of Duratherm 630 product tanks

Driven by our customers’ demand for excellence, we’ve engineered our thermal fluids to last longer and run cleaner in even the toughest of applications. With an eye towards environmental responsibility, most of the fluids we manufacture are non-toxic and non-hazardous, and many are available in food-grade versions. All our fluids deliver the precision temperature control our customers have to come to expect, and we support them throughout their life-cycle with expert technical support and our complimentary fluid analysis program.

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