Did you know there are many options to consider when selecting thermal fluids?

  1. Temperature is Everything – match your bulk temperature but also consider film temperature, heater type
  2. Controlling Oxidation – high temperature air exposure can destroy the wrong fluid quickly
  3. Maximizing Fluid Life – short-term or long-term use – invest wisely
  4. Availability is Critical – thermal fluids are often critical to production – how long can you wait for your thermal fluid to ship?
  5. Reliable Service & Support – thermal fluids are maintenance-intensive, but can your vendor help you if there are problem

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Some Things to Consider When Working with Open Baths

We get calls from time to time from people wondering how to deal with heat transfer fluids in open baths, so we’ve created a whitepaper to help them out. These are notoriously tough applications with limited options and some serious ramifications. Check out this article for full details.

Michael Bates, Technical Director

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